The condo prices in Singapore are getting a raise nowadays. The residential sector of Singapore is getting very higher due to the unique designs and the unique facilities. It is also getting difficult for the people of Singapore to afford the living in houses or condos. The increase and decrease in the Singapore condo prices are very uneven. It is also research made that the prices will increase in some year like 2013 and after this time period, the prices will decrease.

The Ups and Downs in the prices of condos are making the people of Singapore very upset when they go out for finding the best condos for a living. It is getting very difficult for them to find the best condo at the reasonable prices. It is going to be a good news for the people of Singapore that Prices of condos in Singapore are going to decrease in future. When the prices of condos in Singapore are lower than it is best for the people to purchase new condos. By paying the fewer prices, it is possible for the people to live the best life in Singapore. Not only the prices, there are several other things or costs that are related to the Singapore condo prices.

The total cost that is charged by the developers of the condos consists of various types of costs if a person takes a house loan from the bank for making the purchase of a condo. The total cost that a buyer pays to the real owner of a condo consists of a real purchasing value of a condo. The other cost that is involved in the total cost of a condo is charged to the people who take the loan that is the bank rate that is charged on the loan that the person takes. This bank rate is the part that is paid by the buyer of a home is also included in the total cost. Every owner wants their condo to be secured by the insurance. There is also the insurance cost that is attached to the house and this cost is also the part of the Singapore condo price.

All of the above explanation shows us that there are many parts of the total cost of the condo. The one price that is paid as a one-time payment and the other payments are not the one-time payments but they are paid at intervals. The other two payments like the amount of insurance and the rate of bank loan are paid periodically not as a one-time payment but these payments are the part of the total Singapore condo price. There is an increase in this payment that is paid periodically.

Due to the decreased prices, the demand for the condos is increasing this is causing the positive feelings among the developers of the condos. This is because of the increase in demand. Developers get more satisfied due to raising the demand for the condo due to the low prices. One research shows us that the decrease in prices of a condo in the percentage that is 2.78 percent. The decreases in prices are shown more in the condos that are privately held by the people. This decrease is further decreased after adjusting the rate of inflation.

The Singapore condo prices also differs on the basis of area that is covered by each condo. The condo that contains 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms have the price of 200,000 dollars. The greater the area the greater the prices of condo charged by the developers. This is upon the buyer to find the best condo that offers the best price with the more area. Another determining factor of price of condos in Singapore is the location of condo. If the surrounding of the condo contain all the basic facilities that are needed by the residents then the price of that condo is high. The design and the quality of the fittings if the condo also matters a lot in determining the exact price of the condo because if the quality of the things used for construction is higher then the prices charged of these condos will be higher. The per square feet rate varies between the 200 dollars to 2000 dollars.