It is discovered that the prices of the condos that are charged by the developers are much lower than the prices that are charged by the developers of the house. This is the main reason that people are moving toward the purchasing of condos as the Singapore condo prices are lower. There are various types of the facilities attached to these condos and these facilities are the base for deciding the prices of the condos. The facilities attached to the condo are the main determinant of the price of the condos. The main facilities that increase the prices of condos in Singapore are related to the security of the people and their belongings.

Including these facilities are CCTV cameras, auto lock doors, and the 24 hours security by the security guards. When people live in a house they can not afford these facilities with another cost as it increases the cost bear by the person. For this purpose, purchasing the condo is the best decision. By living in the condos in Singapore, give the benefit to the people which they are not able to get by living in the houses. We can say that Singapore condo price is best for them and there is no burden on them when we compare these with houses.

In condos, residents are provided with the calm and serene environment. This relaxed environment is one of the best benefits for them and these all the things are bringing the balance in the prices of the condos and also making it the best place for the living of the family. As it is a research that there is the greater number of the private condos in Singapore, this is easier to guess its prices. The prices of these condos are dependent on various factors. These factors include the location of the condo and how old is the building. All these factors have a strong impact on the price of the condos. The price of condos in Singapore is affordable for the people and this is the best option for them as they can get the best standard of living and all the facilities with the reasonable prices.

The location of the condo is the main determinant in assessing the price of condos. This has a direct and the strong impact on the Singapore condo price. The condos that are located in the prime location like Tanglin road, river valley, and others have the prices per month ranging from 7000 dollars to 15000 dollars per month. This is the price because it is located near the main business point that is called as Central Business District (CBD). The other reason is that these condos are luxurious and have all the important and modern facilities.

When we talk about the places like Keppel and Sentosa, there are the condos that are high-end luxurious condos. The rent of these condos ranges from 8300 dollars per month to 13000 dollars per month. The area of city fringe contains the many types of condos. The condo that has the 3 bedrooms in the city fringe area have the rent ranges from 4500 dollars per month to 7000 dollars per month. We can see that prices differ with the location as we came to know that the condos which are located away from the main center of the city than the monthly rent that is charged that ranges from 3300 dollars per month to 5000 dollars per month.

Less expensive condos situated outside of city-center with the rental of around S$3,300-S$5,000 per month are in Punggol, Jurong, Clementi, Yishun, Woodlands, Ang Mo Kio, Tampines, Bedok, Changi and Pasir Ris. After taking your time considers your eligibility decide where you want to live in Singapore. Many Singaporean prefer living in condos because of affordability with provision to playing ground for children, swimming pools, tennis court, secured access and better location as compared to landed property.


If the surrounding of the condo contains all the basic facilities that are needed by the residents then the Singapore Condo prices are greater as the condos are luxurious. There is good news regarding the prices of the condos that are charged. It is said that in 2018, the prices of these condos are raised.