The selling HDB flats is an attractive option for anyone who has these types of the flats. The reason is that a higher bid is made for these flats. For selling HDB flats people have an option to choose the location they like. If these HDB flats are located in the premium location, then the prices charged on these flats is also higher. There is also a lot of information is available about selling HDB flats. This information tells us that in which state the average prices of these HDB flats are higher. This guide is very helpful for the people who are selling HDB flats. It was seen in the past, that the price for selling HDB flats is at the peak in 2013. After 2013, the prices for selling HDB flats is decreased and this decrease is shown by a percentage. This percentage is 11.7 percent. The subsidies amount also rises for the couple who is looking for buying the HDB flats. In the recent budget of Singapore, the grant for the CPF Housing is also increasing. Previously, it is 30,000 dollars and then it is increased to 40,000 dollars. This increase in the 40,000 dollars is for the couples who are looking for the flat which consists of five bedrooms. The increase of CPF grant to the 50,000 dollars shows us that the person is looking for the flat that consists of 4 bedrooms. CPF Housing Grant (AGH) and Proximity Housing Grant (PHG) are coupled with each other. This coupling will result in the increase in subsidies and this increase in up to 110,000 dollars.

People hire the property agent for the purpose of selling HDB flats. The agent charge commission for it. They charge a fee for helping the people in selling HDB flats. In Singapore, people charge commission on the basis of the final price of the real estate. The commission that is charged by the agent for selling HDB flats and this commission ranges from 1 percent to 2 percent. This negotiable rate is based on the market condition that is current and the marketability of the property. GST is not included in the real rate of the commission. In the HDB blocks and HDB estates and its ethnic groups, there is a balanced mix. This is an Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP). This policy is applied to all the buyers and sellers. There are certain criteria for making the person eligible for selling HDB flats. People can search for the selling HDB flats online as they know about the eligibility of selling these. For making the sale of the HDB flat a person have to fulfill the certain conditions that pertain to the HDB scheme of eligibility. These conditions are applied to all the people whether buying or selling. Many people say that whether the income ceiling is required or not. Another feature is that HDB ownership of the multiple flats is not valid. It is also of the main concern for the sellers. He must have to check that the person to who the HDB flats are sold is not in the possession of the another flat. It is conditioned on the buyer to dispose of the previous flat within the 6 months before the purchase of new flat. People can carry out this process of selling HDB flats without the help of property agents. Now with the help of the Internet people can easily carry the process of Selling HDB flats. This is easy for them to publish the information about the HDB flats. People who want to buy the HDB flats can easily submit the application to the sellers online. The prices for the HDB flats are on the rise and which cause the person to save the commission of the property agents. These people who do not hire the property agents for selling HDB flats can save the commission on the sale of 2 percent. People can follow certain steps for the Selling HDB flats. These steps include that a person must have to check the eligibility for Selling HDB flats, financial planning, a method of Selling HDB flats, submission of reselling checklist and submitting the application for reselling.