There is a certain condition attached to the selling HDB flats. This transaction can be carried out with and without the assistance of property agent. In 2013, it is estimated that out of all the 4 HDB flat transaction, one transaction is carried out without the property agent. Another important convenience that is provided to the seller is through the facility of internet and World Wide Web (WWW). This facility is very helpful in publishing all the related information regarding the selling HDB flats. People who want to buy this HDB flats can easily submit the application online. This online service will help the people to apply for the property online by submitting the application. This facility will help the people in conducting the process of selling HDB flats without the help of anyone. People want to decrease their overall cost of selling the HDB flats as the prices are higher. This will help buyer as well as a seller to save the commission that is paid to the property agent if he is hired. They save a commission up to two percent by publishing the information about the selling HDB flats. This two percent commission that is saved by the seller by publishing the information online can make a considerable amount. It is a step by step process that is involved in the selling of HDB flats. The person has to follow this step by step plan. The process helps the person to sell the property and by following these step they can easily publish their information online without the help of anyone.

The first step is a person have to check the eligibility criteria before selling HDB flats. It is important for selling of HDB flats that you must have a minimum occupation period (MOP). For making the HDB flats eligible for selling it is important that a person must hold that property that is mentioned above. This period starts when the person has taken the key from the flat. This whole period does not involve the period in which the property is rented out. A more detail is provided about this Minimum Occupation Period online. In HDB estate department, the cohesion is made through the different policies like Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) and Singapore Permanent Residence (SPR). These all the policies help in the promotion of harmony and racial integration. A seller who is going to conduct the process of selling HDB flats must study these policies and all these policies tell him that whether he is eligible for conducting this selling process or not.

Before carrying out this selling process, it is important that a person make a plan for the finances so that his money is efficiently used in the whole selling process. There are various costs that are involved in the selling process. The cost that is most specifically associated with the selling HDB flats. These costs mainly include the cost of the mortgage loan, Reselling Levy, up-gradation of the levy, CPF savings and the outstanding interest connected to it, outstanding cost of up-gradation, tax on property, stamp duty on the seller, fee related to service and conservancy, fee on application submission, legal charges, commision that is 2 percent on the total selling price. The commission is included in the total selling price if the seller of HDB flat hires the property agents and got his services. The past price of that property is very helpful in conducting the transaction of selling HDB flats. The price of accommodation next to it is also very important to know as it will help in the settling of the price of real estate.

It is important for the seller of HDB flat to know whether there is a need for hiring the property agent or not. This decision is taken after having the proper knowledge of costs attached to the selling transaction. The decision is made whether to conduct the process by yourself or leave it to the property agent. If you want to conduct the whole process of selling HDB flats by yourself it is important to know have all the proper information about the HDB. The advertisement of selling HDB flats is made on the different advertising media.