When taking the decision regarding the selling HDB flats several things must be considered. People when taking this decision must stick to certain things. Selling HDB flats can be done without the help of the real estate agents. This is happened due to the introduction of world wide web in this field. People can make their buying and selling of flats. Without the assistance of the agents, people can do selling HDB flats. While selling HDB flats the thing that is taken care of is the potential buyers of the property. Before doing anything and before moving forward on any other decision that is finalizing the rates. This rate is according to the seller on which he is willing to sell. The price is called as an asking price. After selling HDB flats it is important to know the first sales proceed that a person will get. It is an important aspect. It is advisable for all the sellers to know about the total prices and the number of sale proceeds before starting any transaction regarding the selling of HDB flats. For selling HDB flats, it is important for the sellers to become eligible by following the certain conditions. The minimum occupation period must be calculated. This is a total period which a person takes to occupy the flat physically. This process of occupying the flat before selling it to the open market is very important. In the permanent residencies area of Singapore, Ethnic integration policy is established. These policies are working to create a integration among the racial groups and the establishment of harmony. These all things ensure that there is no restriction on the sale of HDB flats.

Throughout the process of selling HDB flats, people must do the planning of his finances. There are various types of cost that are involved with the selling HDB flats. These costs are mortgage loan, upgrading levy, reselling levy, accrued expenses like interest, CPF savings, tax on the property, a stamp duty of the sellers, upgrading costs that are not yet paid, an application fee of reselling, legal charges, commission that is paid to the agent which is the 2 percent of total selling price, and the charges for the services. The other important cost that is included in it is the renovation cost on the flats.

Different houses have different budgets so layouts and the designs are made accordingly. The main objective of building these flats in Singapore is selling HDB flats to such people who cannot afford houses. The purchase made by these people is aided by the fund called Central Provident Fund. The growth of these markets is going very high these days. Housing and the Development Board is basically the statutory body. It is the Ministry of national developments in the country. It is mainly responsible for public housing in Singapore. Selling HDB flats makes its possible for the 82 percent of Singaporeans to live in the public houses that is mainly helping them in making the purchases of houses in a best possible way and helping them to pay the money by providing the funds. There are many upgrading programmes for selling HDB flats. These programmes include Main upgrading programme of HDB flats, Home improvement programme, Interim upgrading programme, Selective En-bloc Redevelopment Scheme, Lift Upgrading programme, Interim upgrading programme plus, and Neighborhood renewal programme. The main purpose of these programmes is to make the selling HDB flat possible by renewing the flats that were built to 1960s. it must be noted that board is working according to the manifesto provided by the government. Citizens are using their pension fund in purchasing and then renting them to earn income. Social stratification is tried out to be prevented in all this process. We can say that this fund is helping in the payment of downpayment. A total number of housing units that are built by HDB from the year 1959 to 1969 is 147,000 units. Among this number 47000 units are built due to the increase in the population of Singapore. Average of residential units that are constructed per year is 1400 units. In Selling HDB flats, the government s also helping the people in a way that they permit the people to use their Central Provident Fund for paying for the flat for the first four months. It is most liked by the people.