People want a luxurious living in Singapore. With time, condos in Singapore are getting more luxurious. People want to know about the Singapore condos prices. I am going to discuss Singapore Condo prices of the condos that are the new development in 2018.


It is freehold development. It is an exclusive development in the private residential enclave. It is located in the vicinity of Pasir Panjang. The Singapore condo price is dependent on the facilities that are attached to this condo. Har Par Villa CC 25 MRT station is also located about the 600m away. Various recreational facilities are also attached to these condos like Science Park. The total area that is covered by this condo ranges from 8,327.1 sq ft to 89,620 sq ft. the total number of residential units in this condo is 170 condos. It includes the 3 units and each consists of double stories. There are different prices for the different unit types in this condo. Different Singapore condo prices for all the types of residential units are given below:

  • The 2 bedrooms residential units whose area ranges from 678 sq ft to 775 sq ft. The price of these residential units is 980,000 dollars. The total number of these types of residential units that are still unsold is 24.
  • The residential unit that consists of 3 bedrooms covers the area ranging from 850 sq ft to 1001 sq ft. The Singapore Condo Price of this is 1,139,000 dollars. The total unsold units of this type of residential condo are
  • Another available type of residential unit that is available in this residence consists of 3 bedrooms and a study room. This residential unit covers an area of 1,023 sq ft. The price of this condo is 1,396,000 dollars. This residential unit is high in demand. This is the reason the total unsold units are 1. The sale value of this condo is increasing as it is high in demand.
  • Another beautiful condo is that which consists of 5 bedrooms. This residential unit is best for the living of a family. The average size of this condo is 1,356 square feet. The Singapore Condo price of this is 1,917,000 dollars. Only one unsold of this residential unit is remaining. This also shows us that this condo is highly sold condo and is very high in demand.

The Singapore condo price is dependent on the facilities attached to this residential unit. The facilities that cause the rise in the Singapore Condo Price is function room, swimming pool (40m), reflective pond, water feature, Aqua Gym, Jacuzzi, Gym, Outdoor showers, Lawn terraces, Changing rooms, Dining and the BBQ pavilions, Kid’s pavilion, kid’s pool, playground, sandpit, chess deck, yoga deck, and sky lounge.


I am going to discuss the Singapore Condo Price of another condo that is The Tapestry. The sales level of this condo is getting very high due to many reasons. The selling points that help in the rise of this Singapore Condo price. These points are:

  • One of the important points is that it is developed by the reputable developers that are long-term. This long-term developer is a plus point it gives elegance and also a popularity of the condo. The more popular the condo, the higher the Singapore Condo Price.
  • Another attractive point of this condo for the buyers is that it consists of a large range of bedrooms. They can easily choose from the variety of condos that are available and according to the want of the buyer.
  • These condos are low in quantum and also a lower psf in the market of 2018.
  • Another point that leads to the higher Singapore Condo Price is that it is an urban style condo. This condo is located in a place with a natural scenery. The new Tampines hub and 3 malls are located near this condo. This makes this condo a very attractive for the buyer as well as for the savvy investors.
  • Schools including all the national, international, high, and local schools are located near this condo.
  • The layout of this condo is very beautiful that cause a rise in the Singapore Condo Price.