One of the most expensive real estate markets is the real estate market of Singapore. Due to this reason, this market is changing due to make available the houses at the reasonable prices so that they can enjoy the residence at the best possible price. Research shows that, since 2013, house prices in Singapore is decreasing. It is a good time for the buyer as the prices are low.  Purchasing the home in Singapore, several other costs are attached to the house prices in Singapore. These three cost that is attached to all cost are:

  • The purchase price
  • Total cost of bank loan
  • Insurance of homeowners

Toa Payoh is the district which is located in the center of Singapore. It is very localized not many tourists and foreigners go there, but the reason it is so well-known is that of the headquarter of Housing Development Board (HDB). The people looking to purchase houses go to the headquarters to find more information to apply for it and to purchase it.

As of 2013, statistics Singapore reported that about 80% of the resident population live public housing. Public housing is usually flats/apartments and HDB have rolled out different types and layouts to cater to various housing budgets. These Houses were built primarily to provide affordable housing for the masses but due to changing demands there were more up-scale Public Housing Developments in recent years.

“A quick search of homes for sale in Singapore will show that most properties sell for between S$400 per square foot and S$2,000 per square foot. Landed property (real estate which includes land ownership) will be at the higher end of this spectrum while apartments, which do not provide any land ownership, can be found closer to S$400 per square foot. This means that even a 462 square foot, one bed, one bath, HDB apartment will run north of S$200,000. For the average family of four, this is much too small and a larger house providing more bedrooms will be optimal. If we look at landed properties with three bedrooms, the price will be S$300,000 or more. This is a good starting point for young families who are searching for a home. The location will be a major determining factor in price and the table below shows some of the most expensive, and least expensive, three bedroom HDB apartments as of February 2017”.

Such people do not have $300,000 amount in a bank account prepared for usage to a house. For this, several house purchasers will use a bank loan to make the acquisition of a house conceivable. The best home lending in Singapore has that maximum customers end up compensating between 0.72% and 1.59% yearly for a 30-year mort.

Every year, a 30-year home loan at 1.59% will charge your family $12,576 in opinion and interest costs. Concluded the whole life of the loan, this sums to a $377,412! Whereas the house price in Singapore in this example is $300,000, there were $77,412 in interest payments essential to make the buying probably. Preserve this in awareness when thinking about the actual purchase house prices in Singapore.

Various house owners agree to refinance their loan occasionally. If you are presently paying extra than 1.59% on a house loan, this might be a choice.

The improvement is shown in the market sentiments. “New private residential units sold more than doubled in Q1 2017 from a year earlier, to 2,962 units, according to the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Though, other factors, such as low-interest rates and relatively more affordable property prices, have also contributed to the recent sharp increase in sales.”

The housing market of Singapore is expected to become stabilizes in the coming months. Some local property experts said that many investors lured back into the market.

“With improvements in transaction volumes and prices of different market segments showing a mix of mild increases or decreases generally, the private home sales market appears headed towards a bottoming in the next few quarters, provided sentiments remain positive and barring major external shocks,” said Ong TeckHui.

It is advisable to all the people to go around and find the best house that has a price reasonable for you and then chose it for you and your family.