Singapore is an island city located in southern Malaysia. Many people of Singapore have made, buying their home a major key event and possibly the substantial asset one will have in his life. Some people rely on property agents in simplifying the process of buying, selling or even rental.

Even though property agent commission Singapore is very helpful but people are unaware of the exact role of property agent, so they assume that there is a fixed commission paid to an agent, which can lead to misery. Many people don’t even comprehend that they conclusively settle payable commission that can add up a large amount of cash.

Below are the things that you’ll need to know, what an agent’s true role is and ways to settle commission fees effectively.

Check that they’re actually register

Priore to even appoint a property agent, check if the agent that you seek help from is genuine and are not imagining that they actually will definitely be a real property agent. If they have a fancy business suit and a name card which looks professionally accurate, this doesn’t negate the fact they will be registered with the Council for estate agencies(CEA). You should check with CEA before taking any step forward with your property agent because CEA keeps up to date Public Register.


All Registered property agents must do all these 4 main assignments for their clients despite they are aiding them to buy/sell or even rent a property.

  1. Should speak for you in abirritation
  2. Suggest you on your acceptability to buy, sell or rent the property
  3. Administer skillful advice to you along with any constraint about attaining a home loan, along with different fee payable.
  4. Swiftly lets you know about all proposition or interpretation of interest from attracted parties or their property agent.

Negotiating commission rate with property agent:

Some people do not about negotiating the commission rate with a property agent. It is dependent on the person whether he decide a fair price for the services of an agent. It is advisable that before taking services from property agent, commission rate must be negotiated to avoid further misunderstanding. The commission rate is also settled by the property agent commission Singapore. It is noted by the buyer and the sellers they must pay any commission to the commission, not to the property agent after the completion of the transaction. Calculation of commission is based on two things:

  1. With the help of property agent, how much of the time of buyer and seller is saved? This is important aspects as agents are hired to work on the behalf of seller or buyer so much of the time of these people is saved.
  2. The second thing that must be considered in calculating the commission of property agent is to check all the value-added service he performed for making a transaction successful.
  3. The complexity of a problem. If the problem is very complex then commission given to people is higher as compared to other problems that are less complex.
  4. The commission is also dependent on the experience of a property agent. If the agent is highly experienced they charge high rate as compared to less experienced people.
  5. Commission rate is also dependent on the magnitude of the issue. If the problem is on a large scale that is solved by an agent so higher fee is charged by property agent commission Singapore.

Buying a property and selling a property is very difficult to process. It is a tedious process and requires a help from experienced property agent. People sometimes do not know what to do and they do not have much time to carry out these activities.

Why are agents hired if they cannot do many things?

It is not important to look at the task they cannot do but it is important to look the task they can perform for the buyers and the sellers according to the guidelines of property agent commission Singapore. The reason why they are hired to include:

  • They can perform a task for which the buyer and the seller do not have enough time.
  • They can perform all the paperwork.
  • They can negotiate the prices.
  • They find out the best option for the sellers and the buyers.