A key life event for Singaporeans is to buy a house. Buying a house is considered a big a purchase in the life of Singaporeans. For making the biggest purchase of their life they need someone to assist them in their buying process. They need the help of an agent so they hire them from property agent commission Singapore. These agents help them in renting, buying, and selling process. There are many problems with it because people do not know what these agents suppose to do. Thinking of some people is that commission rate is fixed but this is not true. This article provides information about the role that agent plays in buying, selling, and renting process and about the commission rate charged by different agents.

Before hiring decisions:

Singaporean must make sure before hiring an agent from property agent commission Singapore that he is registered. It is important to check whether he is legitimate or not. If he has established business and a business card, it does not mean he is registered and legitimate. Before taking any decision and starting work with an agent, it is important to keep this step under focus.

Services offered by property agents:

The four major task done by any property agents are given below:

  • In a negotiation process, a property agent acts as a representative of a buyer or seller.
  • Not only act as a representative, they also advise buyer and seller to buy or sell which type of property. This advice is very helpful for the people who do not have any knowledge about the market.
  • These agents are hired for taking a professional advice on a whole process. They tell the buyer whether taking a home loan is a good option for them or not. They also inform about all the associated fees with these process to the buyer and sellers as they do not know about the trends existing in the market.
  • They provide the information promptly to seller or buyer about any offer they receive from other people or other property agents.

Value-added services:

  • They perform a value added for whom they work. They made a perfect listing of the property according to the preference of the buyer. This is a great help for the buyer as again they shortlist from all the properties and select the best property that suits the needs of the buyer.
  • For making a list of the property, they conduct a research on the online as well as offline platforms. They check all the resources for making a suitable list of properties for buyers.
  • When the property agent is hired from property agent commission Singapore by the seller of any property, he does various value-added services for the seller. He advertises the property of seller on all the online platforms and also on the Television. He is also responsible for answering all the questions relating to the property to all the buyers who are interested in buying. After this, they also negotiate a contract and prices with buyers to the best interest of a seller.
  • They are also responsible for making and carrying out a plan. They perform miscellaneous duties like conducting the meetings with of seller or buyer with bankers and lawyers for solving the several financial issues as well as legalizing various documents.
  • They help in the preparation of all necessary documents that are important for making any deal. These necessary documents include a resale application form, option to purchase form, letter of intent, tenancy agreement, and inventory lists.
  • The other important service they provide is the comparative market analysis. They work for the best interest of buyer as well of the seller and look for the best price so that they both get benefit through this. This comparative market analysis is very helpful in finding out the best prices and in negotiating a better price.
  • They have a legal obligation to work in the best interest of buyer and seller. They have to follow the guidelines, rules, and regulation made by property agent commission Singapore. If they do not follow these guidelines they are considered liable for his activities.