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Gary Yeo with Satisfied Seller of 238 Toa Payoh

Gary Yeo with Satisfied Sellers of Gardens at Bishan

SELLERS!! Are You Facing The Following?

  • Not Sold after many months?
  • Many viewings but No Offers?
  • Having Offers below your expectations?
  • Marketing agent pressing your price down?
  • The hassle of having to deal with Multiple Agents?
  • Lots of viewings yet No Feedback from marketing agent ?
  • Is it really bad market, unattractive property or you are just not using the Right Marketing Methods?

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GARY is the real deal

All I wanted was the best deal to release my condo, though we were also aware, any buyer will think likewise, so we decide to dump it to Gary and be firm. And yes you would have guessed it, we got what we wanted, in fact, the highest psf till date yet interestingly we have built a good relationship through this entire process. And I even bought my new place thru him. I believe its all because of his professionalism, patience and most of all his great personality. Indeed, Gary is the real deal.

Daryl Lee

Daryl Lee, Satisfied Seller of Gardens @ Bishan

“Best property agent ever!”
I met Eugene during one of our property viewings as we were looking for a new place to purchase. His calmness, knowledge and not being pushy immediately impressed us. Prior to meeting him, I’ve met easily over 40 agents and we were picky. So to say we were impressed with him is an under statement. We chose him right away to help market our own property and indeed it was the best choice ever. He managed to get a price close to our expectation which was set rather high considering the market conditions. I was very happy with his service and did not hesitate to introduced him to my friends who needed property advice.
Good Job Eugene! Keep up the good work!”


- Angela Ong, satisfied seller of 23 Marine Cres #22-XX

Dedicated and responsible agent

Stephanie is a dedicated and responsible agent. I always have peace of mind knowing that my unit is well taken care of by her. She help me rent out my unit and take care of the tenant request. As most of the time I’m not in SG, she will diligently keep me update and remind me on things needed to be taken care of. I’m so thankful to have her as my agent and will definitely recommend her to my friends and family.


- Celine, Satisfied Landlady of 44 Marine Cresent

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SELLERS!! Are You Facing The Following?

  • Not Sold after many months?
  • Many viewings but No Offers?
  • Having Offers below your expectations?
  • Marketing agent pressing your price down?
  • The hassle of having to deal with Multiple Agents?
  • Lots of viewings yet No Feedback from marketing agent ?
  • Is it really bad market, unattractive property or you are just not using the Right Marketing Methods?


We are a team of HIGHLY QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL Property Salespersons led by Group Division Director Eugene Lee.

If you are looking to SELL your Valuable Property in the FASTEST POSSIBLE TIME at the HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE, our UNIQUE MARKETING METHODS will expose your property to the RIGHT GROUP of Buyers.

Honest and Experience Agent

Our pleasure to get Gary as our agent to sell our hs. At first we have engage a few agent from different company to sell our hs but seems like they are not sincere to help us to get the best selling price for us. Gary and his partner, Stephanie Lim is the one that goes beyond the extra miles and give us affirmation that he will try to sell near to our asking price. This is why at the later stage, we convert Garry to our exclusive agent and within 3 months, he close the deal. Not only that, he and his partner very punctual on the time when they brought customer for the viewing. And for every hs viewing, they will make sure they are there to explain clearly to the customer and most importantly Gary make sure he carry his lanyard which makes us feel that he is very professional in his job. Last but not least, he also make sure the process is smooth when near to the completion date. Keep it up, Gary! And Stephanie too! You guys are great team player!

Yee Pin Tan

Yee Pin Tan, Satisfied Seller of 495F Tampines

Good experience overall

I had an overall good experience with Gary . He was professional, kept me updated regularly and handled the contract and handover process to my tenant easily.


Kavita, Satisfied Landlady of Citylights

Thank you very much in the successful transaction of my apartment in Geylang Lorong 32, Casa Emerald.

My family was very impressed by the amount of hard work and effort that you have put in marketing our unit and we were delighted that you sold our unit within such a short period of time and exceeded our expected value. We had bought and sold 2 apartments in the past with different agent. Never had we encountered a better experience compared to what you have given. From marketing to legal proceed, every steps were like a breeze. You have shown your true profession in understanding our needs and your effectiveness in executing them amazed my family.

Thank you once again and wish you all the best.

Mr Seng Kim Soon, satisfied seller of Casa Emerald @ Geylang Lorong 32 #07-XX

“I got to know Eugene from a recommendation. He made sure he understood my property & its location uniqueness by making a personal visit. During our discussion, he found out my needs and renting requirements and I understood better of the current market environment. As promised, he started his marketing strategies immediately and I was impressed with the extent and frequency of my unit’s postings on various avenues.> His strategies had been adaptive as the days go by to better sell the unit on the market. The finalisation of my tenant had been a breeze with Eugene taking care of all the paper works amidst my busy schedule. He maintained a good balance of fairness among all parties to ensure good closure of the transaction. Overall, it had been a pleasant and well-learned journey for me. In summary, I strongly recommend Eugene for all your requirements as I am confident you will be able to benefit as much as I do from his excellent services, knowledge and pool of strong networks.
Jimmy Yeo, satisfied landlord of Sunshine Regency #05-XX

Really trustworthy!

Stef is a very professional sales person. she has taken time to understand our requirements and carefully matched with her listing. she had very good knowledge and good connection to get information when we needed it. she has always looked into my interest as a buyer. Really trustworthy!

Anne Teh

Anne Teh, Satisfied Buyer of Landed Home At Bedok

“Eugene is the best agent I have ever known, it is a wise decision that we chose him to sell our property.

He is very experienced and knowledgeable. I am a very detail-oriented person, I wanted to know every little step regarding to selling a property and buying another one. Eugene patiently explained to me multiple times every step of the entire process. He even called me from overseas while he was on a holiday, just to answer my questions. He is not just your agent, he is your friend. Eugene has mastered the art of selling, he can see the good selling points of your property that others don’t see. He can communicate these  points to the buyers so clearly and effectively, and he is not pushy, he is just helping the buyers see what they might not see by themselves. I think this is the highest level of selling that one can master, that is selling with heart. He is a person that both seller and buyer feel they can trust.

I am very satisfied with his service,and highly recommend him to anyone who needs a property agent. Thank you Eugene, I am so grateful to you for everything you have done!

Song Chengxiang”

Song Chenxiang, satisfied seller of Celestia #05-XX

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